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  1. Ooo we are So Excited it’s really happening!! Let the good times roll Buddies,time to have some fun ,We know the Book is fabulously Awesome because we watched it in the making and we absolutely Love it .We Wish you All The Luck in The World and hope ,The “Adventures of Roobie and Radley and The Campervan Christmas Rescue” Is a Best Seller you deserve an award for this one Catherine Brown … We Love you Three love from you Buddies Popsie ,Archy and JT may we continue to share many years of fun and a Special Friendship xxx???

    1. Thank you for your message of support Auntie Jenny, Master Archy and Miss Poppy Pants. We do hope you like yourselves and of course mummy’s Toffee apple, Mince Pie and Mulled Wine cart outside of the Tartan Frog. Looking forward to sharing more adventures with our friends and more written adventures in the future perhaps!

  2. Fluffytastic News Buddies ,we are So excited

  3. Fluffytastic News Buddies ,we are So excited!! Can’t wait

  4. This is Awsome Magical!! Genius both Catherine Brown and Michael have captured the feeling of exactly what is happening when Daisy takes to her flight !! I want to be flying in Daisy too xxx

  5. Thank you for your lovely feedback. There was an opportunity to make a song using the words from my poem. Micheal has done a great job with the music ?❤

  6. ?It’s a Magical Video Magical Video??it’s a Magical Song Magical Song ?I’m Loving it Buddy xxx ???

  7. Sue Johnson….Fabulous story bringing Christmas to life

  8. I purchased this book solely because I grew up with the lady that has written this book, Its absolutely amazing, the artist work is so good, the stories are so real, congratulations Catherine The amount of stories means this book is excellent value for money …..RUTH NASH Amazon Reviewer.

  9. I bought this book for my granddaughter at Christmas and after reading it through decided to buy my own copy. It is a must for all westie owners, a magical account of westies in their own world on a fabulous little Christmas adventure. However you could read it happily at any time of the year. The illustrations are beautiful and are on nearly every page , making it easy reading I would thoroughly recommend this book for children and adults too…..Catherine Nardini Amazon Reviewer.

  10. Bought this book before Christmas. Beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations created by the author herself with a wonderful story about Christmas and dogs. Catherine has a fantastic imagination and brings her characters to life. Sheer delight! …..Joyce 26th February 2019 LOVE THIS BOOK! Amazon Reviewer.

  11. The Best Book Ever ! I’m a 55 year old child and I love it ! Seriously The Adventures of Robbie and Radley is most definitely my favourite book ever ,it’s easy to read the pictures are Beautiful and the story is fascinating ,my Nephews and Niece’s are all loving it ,and even My fur Babies are loving it especially as they are in it lol xxx

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