Catherine began colouring at the age of around two years of age. By the age of five she spent most of her time drawing and painting, which included painting ‘The Wombles’ on mugs. She won a Daily Mail school competition at seven entitled ‘A windy Day.’ This was a painting of a tree with all its branches blown over. Other competition wins included Christmas card designing for her local youth club which she was awarded first prize.
However a career in Art was not an option due to not having the right academic qualifications to further her education. Dyslexia was NOT widely known about or catered for back then. So She left school to pursue a career in Hairdressing. This wasn’t to be either due to the recession of the 80’s. After several jobs in retail, which included being a checkout operator at Iceland Frozen foods and time spent at a large cash & carry an opportunity came to become a volunteer Police officer in the Special Constabulary. After two years spent in the beautiful City of Bath patrolling the streets which she loved, she discovered there was an opportunity to take the Police entrance exam, rather than the 5 O’levels which was required and which she didn’t have. After some English and Mathematical coaching she finally managed to pass the exam and became a Regular full-time Police officer, spending 25 years in that career.
Unfortunately due to an injury in the line of her duty to her foot in 2008, she was medically retired with a permanent foot disability and a little known of medical condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This is a very difficult condition to manage and basically means that she always has pain and associated complications of this. Determined to apply the same gritty determination that had seen her never give in despite being dyslexic she returned to her childhood love of art. This became a good distraction for her medical condition and gave her the ideal to share her love of art with others in her illustrations.