The books and stories that Catherine creates are all original works, carefully woven together by a wordsmith like no other. 

Catherine takes her time to choose her words and allegories carefully, takes time to read and edit her work before she opts to publish her works, desiring a flaw-free piece of literature.  Furthermore, Catherine does all the artwork herself – she is a many-talented author.

It’s a Magical Night Daisy Campervan takes to her flight Song
The Adventures of Roobie & Radley and The Christmas Campervan Rescue Book…..Releases song for the poem in Chapter 10….Up, up
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Awesome News Grandpa Angus is all loaded up with the Softback books and delivering tomorrow!
Text message received from Grandpa Angus from the Westie Green Depot at the Bones Bakery. He is all loaded up
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The Adventures of Roobie & Radley and The Christmas Campervan Rescue spotted flying the internet!
Last night sightings of Daisy Campervan with Roobie & Radley and Disco their Piglet flying across the internet. They were
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The characters that Catherine Brown chose and created, were inspired by the west highland terriers.  Westies are precious canines – intelligent, quick-learners, socially able, children-loving. They are full of ‘Westitude’ and we love them for that!

Catherine Brown furthermore caters for more than one reader, with her dyslexic-friendly font, reading can become a journey for everyone.


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